About Amy Watters Photography

Amy Watters Professional Pet Photographer

Growing Up
I don’t ever remember not having a pet in my life, we always had dogs and cats growing up so I am quite used to dealing with animals.  I know how much a pet means to you and the thought of losing one is heart breaking, so having them on the walls of your home to look at forever brings great happiness. 

From an early age I had a camera in my hand. My Dad got me into photography and I used to love going to the camera shop with him.  As a result, it was no real surprise that photography became what I love to do.

Why Me
Reliable, patient, friendly and professional, qualities I think help to be a pet photographer.  I love all animals but specifically dogs and cats and would love to capture the quirky personality, joy and unconditional love that your beloved pet brings you – info@amywatters.co.uk.

To get the most out of every pet portrait I will enhance every photograph and using the latest software.  This includes getting rid of leads, people and any unwanted items.

I am a Nikon photographer and am happy to photograph using natural or flash light and have studio lights which can be taken on location should the occasion require it.  You may be put to work as my lighting assistant (holding a light) and pet attention grabber.

Get to know Me
When I’m not taking photos I love to play golf.  I play at 
Harleyford Golf Course in Marlow which has such beautiful views and wooden sculptures which I’m often photographing and being distracted from playing golf.  You might also find me in the kitchen baking, painting or playing the guitar.  I love cats and have a black and white rescue cat called Jess who is quite crazy.  I also volunteer taking photos for the RSPCA and find it quite difficult not to take all the cats and kittens back home with me.

Amy Watters Photographer Portrait Photo

Why choose Amy Watters Pet Photography?


It will be a relaxed atmosphere for you and your pet during the photoshoot.  I want you and your pet to feel comfortable.  Your pet doesn’t have to be well behaved all the time so don’t worry if they’re not the best trained.


I have plenty of patience so can wait as long as it takes to get the photograph.  It only takes a split second to get a great pet photo so I should be able to lots for you to choose from.

Free Re-booking Policy

If the weather is bad on the day of your photoshoot, I am happy re-book your session if you’d like to.

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