Your Pet Photoshoot

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the happiness on a client's face when they receive their pet's portraits, knowing that these memories will be cherished forever

Capture the fun you have with your dog

The pet photoshoot is generally about an hour or as long as it takes to get some great photos of your pet.  We can have a chat to discuss the best place for your photoshoot.  Most importantly, I want your pet to feel comfortable in their environment.  This will allow me to get some great photos of your pet and capture your best friends personality.

Getting to know you and the bond you have with your Pet

I will spend some time getting to know your pet and letting it get to know me.   I try and keep the session nice and relaxed to make it easier for you and your pet.  Don’t worry, your pet doesn’t have to be performing all of the time or be the best behaved.  We can work around things such as keeping your dog on a lead if necessary therefore keeping them safe plus getting them into a good position to photograph.  In addition you are welcome to be in the photos with your pets too to get some great family photos.

There will be plenty of breaks so your pet doesn’t have to be on it’s best behaviour so if you think they have had enough then we will call it a day.

Dog Portrait on a wall of a study

Whether it's the playful antics, the unconditional love in their eyes, or the little quirks that make them unique, I strive to capture Your Pets personalities in every shot

Pets on Location

Black dog photo

Pets in the Home

Cat by window photograph

Dog Portraits

Above all I want your pet to be relaxed so for dog photography, this could mean taking photos of your dog in their home, in a garden or on a favourite doggie walk.

Your dog can stay on a lead if you’d prefer, so will be kept safe at all times.  In addition the lead can be removed in the edit so won’t spoil the pictures.

I’ll probably need to use you as my assistant so if you can bring some favourite toys and treats to help get your pet’s attention.

Cat Portraits

Cats are notoriously independent and don’t always co-operate when you want them to, so I can work around that.  For cat photography, we might need to use a favourite toy to motivate and entice them into playing so I can get some great photos of their quirky personality without them even knowing.

I am very patient so can wait as long as it takes for your cat to feel comfortable with having their photo taken.

The Process

Think where you'd like to see your artwork

Choose Your Favourite Photos and Artwork

Enjoy your Artwork in your home

photo of dog having fun

Pet Voucher

Can’t think of anything to get for a present, why not get them a Pet Photoshoot Voucher.  They come in various prices, starting at £80, to cater for everyone.


Don’t worry because I will keep an eye on the weather and if it looks like it will be bad then we can re-schedule your pet photoshoot free of charge.

Most importantly I want your pet to feel comfortable so if you have a nice garden or favourite walk near you then that would be a great option.  I can discuss this with you to make sure you are happy with the location.  

You may be worried that your pet isn’t the best behaved but please don’t be.  If necessary they can be kept on a lead and this can be edited out later.  Therefore if they are really not co-operating on the day then we can re-arrange, free of charge.  It only takes a moment to get a great shot so it’s likely that I can capture something you will love.   

The best time to photograph your pet outside is first thing in the morning or just before the sun goes down.  Most importantly at these times the light is often more conducive to great photos but don’t worry if you can’t make these times, it doesn’t mean your photos won’t be as good. 

If you buy a package which includes photos, you can still buy extra photos if you can’t decide which ones you want. Subsequently you have the option to buy additional photos or prints.  The more photos you buy, the more cost effective it will be.  

I want your pet to be safe so you can keep a dog on a lead and I can edit it out in post production so you won’t see it.

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