Your pets deserve to have their portrait taken too!
Show off your pet's unique personality with captivating pet wall art.

Take a look at some of my pet photography below of photoshoots of cats and dogs around Buckinghamshire. Fun, on location such as in a wood or a field or in the home photoshoots for your beloved pet.

Pet Photography in the Chilterns

Living in the Chilterns, I am blessed with several beautiful places to go to take photographs of dogs.  Your dog may have a favourite walk which is a great option for a photoshoot.  Sometimes even a back garden is an ideal place for pet photography.  There are many lovely places to walk your dog in Buckinghamshire, including The Rye, Hughenden Park, Wendover and Marlow to name but a few.     

I prefer to photograph cats either in their house or garden, preferably inside as they tend to run away so are a little easier to manage when they are indoors.  We might have to use toys to grab their attention or get them out from under a chair! 

If you are interested in having your dog or cat (or maybe you have a more unusual animal) photographed, or if you’d like a bit more information, then click on one of the links below.

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