Your Session

What to Expect from your Session

Choose which service you would like, you can always add to it after the photoshoot.

Decide where you’d like the pet photoshoot to take place. We can have a chat to discuss the best place.  I want your pet to be relaxed so the photoshoot can be done at home, in a garden or on a favourite walk.

I’ll come and take the photos and keep the session nice and relaxed.  

You will be sent a gallery of your photos to choose from, then you can make your selections.

Your photos will be retouched to make them into the best photo possible.


Service One -£80

    Up to 60 minutes on-location Pet Photography Session
  • 3 Digital Files
  • Professional Photo Editing and retouching

Service Two - £120

    Up to One hour on-location photoshoot (of your choice)
  • Professional editing and retouching
  • 8 High Resolution Digital Files

Service Three - £170

    Up to One hour on-location photoshoot (of your choice)
  • Professional editing and retouching
  • 8 High Resolution Digital Files
  • 3 7x5" Mounted Prints

Digital files and Prints

Additional digital files

  • £10 – 1 Additional High Resolution Digital File
  • £80 – 10 Additional High Resolution Digital Files
  • £150 – 30 Additional High Resolution Digital Files

Additional pet Prints

  • Mounted Prints – 
  • 10 x 8″ Deluxe Photo Mounted – Photo mounts in 3mm thick card are ideal to frame pictures.
  • Board Mounted Print – Professional board mounted prints on 2mm quality archival card & supplied with velcro pads.
  • Canvas Print

All images are professionally edited and retouched

Add an Album or Print

Digital files are great but to really appreciate your pet, why not put them in a beautiful album or get them printed and framed so you can fill your walls with great moments.

poster mockup, mockup, poster

Pet Voucher

Can’t think of anything to get for a present, why not get them a Pet Photoshoot Voucher.  They come in various prices to cater for everyone.


Don’t worry, I will keep an eye on the weather and if it looks like it will be bad then we can re-schedule your pet photoshoot.

I want your pet to feel comfortable so if you have a nice garden or favourite walk near you then that would be a great option.  I can discuss this with you to make sure you are happy with the location.  

You may be worried that your pet isn’t the best behaved but please don’t be.  They can be kept on a lead if necessarily and this can be edited out later.  If they are really not co-operating on the day then we can re-arrange free of charge.  It only takes a moment to get a great shot so it’s likely that I can capture something you will love.   

The best time to photograph your pet outside is first thing in the morning or just before the sun goes down.  At these times the light is often more conducive to great photos.  Don’t worry if you can’t make these times, it doesn’t mean your photos won’t be as good. 

If you buy a package which includes photos, you can still buy extra photos if you can’t decide which ones you want. You always have the option to buy additional photos or prints.  The more photos you buy, the more cost effective it will be.  

I want your pet to be safe so you can keep a dog on a lead and I can edit it out in post production.